For Women and Sister lines : provide with brand guidelines for licenses defining Paul & Joe women pen portrait


Copywriting and graphic supervision of the French/ English Brandbook and online contents strategy,



Nourrish a vision of Menswear photoshoot series, Fall Winter 2016 


Narration of Manifesto of the collection in FR /ENG

Somewhere in Iceland…

In the midst of a land of extremes, where organic and contrasted elements are melt under the reign of earth, water, fire and air,
stands the singular Man.
Wild haired, wearing a tawny coloured cashmire, or a lifted collar
Warmed up by a northern ray
He is facing the wild.
Indefinable, floating between two ages,
Rough and mild, smart and informal,
Contemplative and serenely rooted.
His human being is timeless.
Nature is his setting.
Light reveals his essential singularity.


Carnet de voyage Printemps Eté 2019


Narrate the Spring Summer collection 2019 in the spirit of a travel notebook


A complete corpus of mixed poetic and narrative texts describing the sensuous encounter between a woman and a horse along the Camargue dunes.

The modern Amazon

At first scared he then lets himself be tamed
When at last the amazon, dazzled by the whiteness,
Her hair blowing in the wind, reaches him,
And between salty earth and summer sky
Mane and smooth skin, through caresses,
Acknowledge each other, embrace, and exchange
A few tender, sweet words in a joyful complicity.