Pol Bury, Mélangeur, 1961

 Market your brand & brand content

Build and (re)position your brand/ your solution, name your offer, conceive your Manifesto, create a baseline

Produce and enhance your content, nurrish your communication tools, elaborate a creative brief

From the intial idea to the concept, from the concept to its visual and narrative expression. I handle the holistic narration of your brand from its genesis to its final delivery, both in French and in English.


Richard Serra, Point load, 1988
  • Elaborate a brand plateform (values, vision, mission, target)
  • Brand positioning /repositioning
  • Brand book writing

Copywriting & Naming

Jean Gorin, Composition 28, 1930
  • Name research (offer, expertise, titles)
  • Baseline
  • Manifesto
  • Concept search
  • Communication tools

Content writings

Henryk Stazewski, 1920
  • Website contents
  • Story telling
  • Press release
  • Communication tools


Projects coordination

Vasarelli, Bellatrix II
  • Strategic line supervision and project management of an identity or publishing mission
  • brief et benchmark