Adeline Cabale, Founder and Managing Director of Retail Factory

We contacted Caroline when we were reformatting our website because we found it difficult to speak about ourselves and our activities, and Caroline was the one who found the accurate words for that. Her method is very efficient : working behind the curtain, she interviewed us at length so as to understand exactly what our firm is all about. She then gave us back the quintessence of our meeting in several pages. Thanks to her concise style and excellent command of French (and English as well !) Caroline represents an utterly serious and professional adviser whom I would recommend to anyone in need of an external assessing gaze on their communication. Website :

Aurélie Plessier, Director of Strategic Planning at Brain Value

Caroline has accompanied us all along in the international issue of naming, concerning a complex subject, using both strategy and creation. I particularly appreciated her capacity to unravel a complex issue, coming up with an utterly accurate and concise response, bang on brief ! The result fully met with our expectations as our client had chosen 40% of the names she suggested in her short-list. Congratulations and many thanks for your warm and efficient support. With hope for renewed collaborations in the future. Site :

Xavier Lambert & Diana Béraud, Founders of MYA

MYA is a small firm whose collaborators moved from 1 to 3 members, which was a big change. We had to alter our discourse and improve our activity panel. At that precise moment we contacted Caroline. It is not always easy to innovate when it comes to speaking about oneself and one’s activities….Caroline assessed all that thru her external gaze. She knew how to synthesize and translate our way of thinking and seeing things, in a catchy, efficient manner. Site :

Karen Vogt, Founder & Artistic Director of the eponymous brand

I wanted to contact Caroline to build up the platform of my leather brand. I appreciated her capacity to listen and understand properly, as well as her fine writing style. We worked together in a sweet, harmonious atmosphere, exchanging and sharing. Caroline knew how to translate with precision and elegance the world of my brand in her writings. I would warmly recommend Caroline for her professionalism and kindness, and am already looking forward to our next collaboration!

Laurence Razafy, project manager, strategic planner at Cotélac

I applied to Caroline to story-tell our fashion lookbook. My project required a keen expression coupled with a true strategic understanding of a fashion brand in full alteration. Caroline did not take long to efficiently produce texts with a creative, poetic sensitivity which I greatly appreciate.
I would definitely recommend Caroline’s meticulous and efficient talent.